"Hope Found" is Now Available

I am abundantly beyond excited to announce that HOPE FOUND is now available for purchase! As Ginger’s best friend, I have had the honor of watching as she and Jim poured their hearts into this project for the last 5 years.  It was not an easy task for them to find the time in their full, crazy, wonderful life to write this for us, but they were obedient to what they felt God was asking them to do and He was faithful to help them finish what He started.  This has truly been a labor of love, but as Ginger and I have said many times – this book took A LOT longer than actual labor :)  I want to introduce the book to those of you who don’t know the authors well  and share a little about them from my perspective – things they are too humble to share themselves.  HOPE FOUND is about the lives and amazing faith of four incredible people.  

Major Troy Gilbert, my friend and a true hero in so many ways.  He gave his life in service for the country he loved to protect the people he loved.  And he lived out his faith boldly until his final day on earth.  The stories of how he shared his faith and lived it out in a difficult environment will inspire you . When you read the stories of how his faith is still bringing people to know Christ many years after he went to be with the Lord – you will be encouraged to LIVE out your life in a way that brings glory and honor to Christ. 

Andrea Ravella, a woman I never had the privilege to know, but whose life and faith have impacted me in ways that very few ever will.  Andrea’s grace, courage and faith in her battle with cancer will give you hope and peace as you face whatever battle you may be facing or will face in the future.  When you read the story of Andrea raising her hands in praise to her Savior while she is in the bathroom extremely ill from the chemo – you will be touched and encouraged in ways that you can’t imagine. 

Colonel Jim Ravella (ret.), my friend and a man whose integrity make him a leader among men,  whose life of selfless love and sacrifice will challenge you to new levels of faith and service to others.   As Jim shares his wisdom and you read about Jim’s love for his God, for Andrea,  for Ginger and all their children, you will find yourself falling more in love with the God who loves us so faithfully and you will be inspired to persevere as you serve those around you with an extra dose of love and compassion. 

Ginger Gilbert Ravella, my best friend and the one who always points me to Jesus, whose incredible faith, grit and southern charm will draw you in to a relationship with the One who saw her through her darkest days. Her raw faith and determination to find beauty from ashes will change you. Like Andrea, Ginger was able to raise her hands in praise to the Lord  just a few weeks after she lost her beloved Troy. I was blessed to witness this first hand and it caused me to ask the question – HOW?  How can I have that kind of faith? The faith that Ginger shares with Troy, Andrea and Jim.

The answer is in this book.  Some of you may think I am a little biased since the authors are my closest friends and you would be right J But when I read the book, I knew that it was going to minister to people in ways we could only begin to imagine.  What Jim and Ginger are gifted at is being real and authentic. This book was not written just as the story of  four people who have suffered and lost, but as a book that provides real examples of how to find hope and joy when life isn’t all you hoped it would be.  It helps us understand what it means in Philippians 2:12 “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed--not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence--continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,” Jim and Ginger provide us with scripture and lessons so that when it is our time to wrestle with God and work out our faith, we can be ready. At times this book might make you cry, it might make you laugh, it might challenge you to a deeper faith, but most of all our prayer is that it brings you HOPE!

- Amy H.